i write because…

I think the main reason I write is because im lonely and writing clears my head. I love to read and after I finish a book I like to talk about it. the only problem with that is I usually can’t find anyone to talk about it with.

im currently being treated for mental health issues and my doctor advised that I start a blog to clear my head and maybe even connect with people. I was hesitant at first. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. after finally taking the plunge, im so glad she suggested it. I feel like I have somewhere to go when I need to say something.

I recently started blogging university and I love it. I loved writing poems and reading other people’s work. now im starting on the everyday inspiration writing and so far im a little nervous yet still pretty excited.

most of the writing I have done, actually almost all of it has been book reviews. im fairly certain that I havent written poetry since high school. and now that it has re entered my life im really excited to keep it going.

my inspiration for my poetry has mainly come from family and friends. im really looking forward to trying to use other aspects of my life to draw from. im not sure how I feel about looking deep inside for subject matter. im not afraid to talk about my life, health issues, family issues or anything else. I just don’t know how I will be able to delve into these topics without having to bring everything to the surface of my mind. im guessing my doctor would say that’s the whole point of writing. im just not sure if im ready or able to do it.

I have written for personal use in the past, as a teenager I kept a journal. I have tried unsuccessfully over the years to start that again it just never stuck. I guess I should try to think of this blog as a journal. of course there is the small issue that people are going to read it. I read other people blogs and I feel so over whelmed by their bravery in discussing the issues they do. if I could make one reader feel the power I feel when reading other blogs I will be very proud. almost as if I paid it forward.

after rambling on and on, I am signing off for now. I thank you if you have read up to this line. hopefully my next foray into writing will be more controlled and less random thoughts. thank you again for giving me you time by reading this.


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