No Regrets?

Is it possible to live life with no regrets. I know that mistakes make us who we are, they shape our journey, our future. But does that mean that we can’t have regrets. Life is full of trivial regrets. That bad hair cut, the ugly dress, what on earth was I thinking wearing floral. Now what about serious regrets. Friendships, relationships, nude selfies. How can we not regret trusting people who break our hearts. Wasting years of friendship on someone who just walks away. And well I’ve never taken a nude selfie but I would assume that if that got out you would regret it. How? Just how can you live with no regrets? Do people truly walk through life never regretting a choice, a decision, a meal. Or are they just pretenders? Walking around not really experiencing life, just observing it. I find it hard to believe that you can delve into this pool called life and not get out with a few regrets. Am I just not living life properly? Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth by having regrets? Maybe one day I will find the secret to living life without regrets, when that day comes I will read this post and regret (wait that’s not right), and wonder (that’s better), about my ramblings. Until then I’m just going to live with my regrets. And make sure I check the spelling before I get a tattoo.

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