Dear Governor General..

Sir Peter John Cosgrove, 

I am writing to you because I believe it is time we get rid of compulsory voting in Australia.

In the past five years we have had five prime ministers. The Labor party was elected with Kevin Rudd as its leader. In the good faith that he was going to be the man leading the Labor party and the Australian nation. The Labor party then decided to get rid of Kevin Rudd for Julia Gillard. Not who Australia voted for. The Labor party was then re-elected with Julia Gillard as their leader. Only to have the party change their mind and oust Julia Gillard to once again have Kevin Rudd as their leader. Not the decision made by the voters of Australia.

The Liberal party was elected with Tony Abbott as their leader. On the belief of Liberal voters that he would be the Prime Minister that would lead them to another election. Only to have the Liberal party remove Tony Abbott from his position. Replacing him with Malcolm Turnbull.

Why should we as Australians have to compulsory vote if the choices we make are going to be disregarded? We are supposed to be living in a democratic nation. How can this keep happening? The state of politics in Australia is a disgrace. What the political landscape of this country is telling me is that we don’t have a choice on who we vote for. We don’t get a say in who is leading our country. Sure we may HAVE to vote for a party with a named leader but if the party decides that they want a change then what we as the VOTING PUBLIC OF AUSTRALIA want and voted for doesn’t matter.

Why should I have to take the time and effort to learn about the people who I’m voting for, watch debates, line up and vote if the political parties are just going to do what they want. What sort of democracy is that? If I don’t actually have to right to decide who is leading my country, then I should at least have the RIGHT to choose if I want to vote without being punished if I decide not to.

If every vote counts then I vote to end compulsory voting, giving Australia back THE RIGHT to choose to do something in this current political system. If that can’t be voting for a Prime Minister then it should be choosing to vote or not.


Geramie Kate Barker


5 thoughts on “Dear Governor General..

  1. any1mark66 says:

    Very interesting way of doing business. In America, we simply elect the leaser of two evils. With the most expensive elections special interests can buy. Our voices are muted and policy actually is a liability. Facts get criticism. Attack ads are much better than knowing any ones stand! Of course, only 40 percent of the eligible actually vote. Most vote to keep they’ll other person out of office. The truth both parties work to protect businesses. The hell with the people they just pay the bills. Good luck with democracy over there. 😉


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