Special Visitor

First of all I would like to thank Gem for inviting me to guest post here. I am Mark. My site is Coloring Outside the Lines, https://any1mark66.wordpress.com. As a visitor, I decided to use that theme.

I had my own special visitor today. My yard is partially wooded. It’s not uncommon to have a critter come to visit. But this one doesn’t usually stay out.


My friend is a wild turkey hen. She’s about one meter or three feet tall and about nine kilograms or twenty pounds. These birds are skittish. Any noises and they take off. She will roost to get away. But likes to be on the ground when moving.

She came sneaking out of the woods hiding in and out of tree and shrubs. Her feed is grains and bugs. We have a bird feeder that is her goal. The reason she is sneaking maybe a nest. There is a collapsed wooden building near where she came from. I’m hoping that in a couple weeks she will bring poulets (baby turkeys).


She spent an hour touring the yard. She made it up right next to the house. Almost went on the back porch. There is cat food for our stray cat there. The Blue Jay’s steal cat food. The bird is walking like a stork being very timid to move. Her neck is almost like a courmarant, snake like. Her hearing is so good she could hear us in the house moving around to watch her.


As the stray cat looks on from an archway, he must be thinking if this is payback from attacking small birds. She didn’t really care about the cat. She is much bigger than him.

I have lived in the area my whole life and have seen wild turkeys about a dozen times. Never close up. Certainly not this close. The wild turkey was important game when the area was settled 200 years ago. The birds during nesting will attack joggers and bike riders in bright red or blue coming near a nest. They are elegant birds and almost became the National Symbol for the US.

But today, she just a special visitor


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