Virtual Milkshake Date..

If we were having milkshakes right now you wouldn’t be able to shut me up. last friday night we had to take my sister to the emergency department. turns out the stomach ache she has wasnt a flu. she needed an appendectomy. I was up all night passing on messages and letting people in. finally got to bed around five in the morning. the rest of the weekend was spent with tag teamed visits to the hospital. im pretty sure mum was living on fumes the whole weekend.

If we were having milkshakes right now I would be so relieved to be having a break. this week is just packed. I apparently lost my mind and thought it was a good idea to book all of my appointment in the same week. Go me. Between appointments and grocery shopping and getting my car registration done. I’m just booked out. And stressed out.

If we were having milkshakes right now I would be complaining untill im red in the face. Apart from everything else that has been happening, we have had no hot water since friday. With my sister being in hospital and it being a weekend we just didn’t get around to calling an electrician. Well it is beyond a joke now. No hot water and its so freaking cold in the afternoons and nights now. I’m surprised none of us had caught pneumonia yet. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some hot water.

If we were having milkshakes right now I would ask you how much drink you had left because im not done yet. The power company is cutting of our power tomorrow. They are apparently working on the lines or some stupid thing. So to top off this awesome week, even if the hot water comes back on it wont matter because we wont have any power. I’ve had to set the alarm on my phone because my alarm clock runs on electricity. I guess it’s a good thing ive got stuff to do tomorrow. if I didn’t I would’ve spent the day with no computer, no internet, no television. I don’t understand how people can live without power.

Well I guess it’s a good thing we’ve finished our drinks. Otherwise we may have ended up sitting here all night . Until our next milkshake date, take care of yourself.



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