Hoarder or Collector?

When does collecting become hoarding?

I love my books, dvds, box sets and cds, I think of myself as a collector. My walls are nothing but book and dvd cabinets. My biggest expense is shopping. And the only things I wont throw away are my ‘collections’.

When should I start calling my collecting an obsession?

When should I start to worry?

When do I cross the line from collector to hoarder?

I think as long as my collections don’t fall and crush me to death I will continue to think of my self as a collector.






4 thoughts on “Hoarder or Collector?

  1. 120fingersandtoes says:

    I’m pretty sure people hoard useless things that are of no real monetary or sentimental value. If you’re just collecting endless piles of newspapers and broken junk, then that’s probably hoarding lol


  2. any1mark66 says:

    If you haven’t used it in years. Or have ever said “I have a place for it and I think it’s in that room. Unless you moved it!” You are still collecting. Hoarding is using tactics to explain why you can’t find it. No explanation needed if the stacks are eight feet high !

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