Swan Wreck by Casey Renee Kiser

Another amazing collection of poetry. This book contains 129 poems with the added bonus of illustrations by Casey’s then 10 year old daughter Jasmyn Taylor Givens.

Casey is a wonderful author whose writing is easily understood and whose authenticity radiates out of her poems. Her ability to delve into dark themes such as anxiety, depression, loss and self esteem issues makes these poems so relatable. Casey’s dark humour and quirky yet somehow perfect comparisons leaves you wanting more.

Swan Wreck contains less swearing than FADE OUT, smile. Making this collection more suitable for a wider age group. One poem in particular really spoke to me. Beauty Rarely is such a beautiful poem. Its message is so relevant and I think it should definitely be read to young women.

I know that poetry is subjective, but I don’t think anyone would be able to read this collection and not be able to apply it to a feeling or experience from their own lives.

Jasmyn’s beautiful yet somehow haunting drawings were a wonderful addition to this book and definitely added to the feel of the collection.

I can’t wait to get my hands on more of Casey’s work.


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