Spark by Casey Renee Kiser and Wren Verlaine

This collection of poetry contains 47 poems. 28 of these are poems and the books artwork are by Wren Verlaine, the final 19 poems are by Casey Renee Kiser.

This book is the third collection of Casey’s poems that I have been fortunate enough to read. Until this book Wren was unknown to me. 

This collection of dark and brutally honest poems are simply written yet extremely profound. Casey’s creativity and emotional allure always draws me in and leaves me wanting more. As I was new to Wren’s writing is did take a me a bit longer to relax into his style. 

Casey and Wren have different writing styles that seem to really compliment each other. They both seem to be able to walk the intriguing balance of darkness and humour. Both poets depth and emotional can be felt throughout this book.

Wren’s artwork was confronting at first but after reading the collection as it is set out, with the artwork placed in strategic places, I found it definitely added to the book.  

This book is for older readers as it does contain swearing and darker themes.

I am always excited to read Casey’s work. Now I can also say I really look forward to reading more from Wren. I really enjoyed this collection and I am sure I will be reading it many times in the future.


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