A Day On The Farm by Allison Romney

In this book author Allison Romney details the true story of her life on a sheep and alpaca farm. Allison is a retired stock broker who never dreamed she would be running a farm. The events that led to this life change, as well as the people that enter her world makes it really easy to connect emotionally to her writing. 

Allison’s story is well written and easily understood. Although this was a long journey for Allison, the book is a quick read. With facts and stories about her lambs and llamas accompanied by photos, Allison takes the reader on a journey.

Filled with hope and love during some painful and stressful experiences, this book is a reminder that God works in mysterious ways. 

Allison’s ability to draw a reader in leaves a substantial impact once you reach the end of this story. 

A day on the farm is a book that will have you smiling to yourself one minute and crying the next.

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