What is past is dead by Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Three young men fuelled by idealism and hashish make a decision that will forever change their lives.

This book itself may be fiction, but the conflict it represents is very real. What is past is dead is a snap shot of what life is like for the people who are living through the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As it was a small book, just over 50 pages. I found it to be a very quick read. I actually felt like it was a chapter from a longer novel. For me there just wasn’t enough to hook me. I would’ve liked more backgrounds on the main players, more information on why they were doing what they did and I felt like the ending was just plonked on for good measure.

While this book may not have been for me, it did remind me to be great full for what I have. As there are many many people out there who have far greater struggles in life than I do.


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