Wacky Wednesday…

After some soul-searching I have decided to make a new addition to gemsbooknook.

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday.

Starting next Wednesday and continuing into the foreseeable future, I will be adding a Wacky Wednesday post. These new posts won’t be book reviews like their Monday and Friday siblings. They will be lists and collections and opinions. Posts about books I like or don’t like. Topics to look forward to include: Books that changed my life, books that made me think, my favourite book to movie adaptations, any many many others.

I am extremely excited to be adding these Wacky Wednesday post to gemsbooknook.

I hope you all enjoy this new addition to the blog.

The addition of Wacky Wednesday won’t affect the current post scheduled. I will still be posting book reviews every Monday and Friday as well as bonus reviews for special occasions.

If you guys have any suggestions for topics please let me know and I will do my best to include them all. I look forward to hearing what you guys think I should post about.

Don’t forget to check out gemsbooknook on Friday and Monday for my latest reviews.

Happy Reading

❤ Gem


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