25 Bookish Facts About Me…

This post is pretty self-explanatory. Here’s 25 Bookish Facts About Me.

  1. I often read an entire book in 1 day.
  2. I love writing reviews.
  3. I sometimes fall into a reading slump.
  4. I have never listened to an audiobook.
  5. I sometimes judge books by their covers.
  6. If I buy a book for a series, I have to read the entire series.
  7. I don’t DNF books.
  8. I don’t like ebooks.
  9. I don’t buy multiple copies of the same book.
  10. I prefer to read at night.
  11. I love the smell of books.
  12. I love to mix and match genres, I don’t stick to just one.
  13. I don’t lend books out.
  14. I hate dog ears, bookmarks all the way.
  15. I dream of owning my own bookstore/cafe.
  16. I’ve never been to a book signing.
  17. I can’t read hard cover books unless I take the dust jacket off.
  18. I hate reorganising my bookshelves.
  19. no one in my family reads.
  20. beauty and the beast is my favourite fairy tale.
  21. I dream of having my review quoted on a cover or inside a book.
  22. I suffer from book amnesia.
  23. My TBR pile gives me anxiety.
  24. I have bookshelves in my hallway because I ran out of space in my bedroom.
  25. I Love Harry Potter.

That’s it from me. I hope some of these bookish facts about me were new to you.

Happy Reading

❤ Gem


4 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me…

  1. Read Voraciously says:

    #21 and #22 are SO REAL for me! Also, you should give audiobooks a try. If you haven’t already read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman I highly recommend that one as your first foray into audiobooks. If you live in the US you might be able to download the Overdrive app for your phone and you link that to your library card and you can access hundreds of free audiobooks.

    Liked by 1 person

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