My 16 Favourite Book To Movie Or TV Adaptations…

Welcome to my Favourite book to screen adaptations post. I was aiming for 15 but it was hard enough getting this list down to 16 so I just gave up and went with 16. So without further ado lets jump in…

The Harry Potter Franchise by J.K Rowling: I loved the Harry Potter books and was worried about seeing them on-screen. As it turns out I had nothing to be afraid of. The Harry Potter series is my all time favourite book to film adaptation. Casting was amazing,acting was amazing, special effects were amazing. The Harry Potter franchise is just amazing.

The Lorax by Dr Seuss: The Lorax is my favourite Dr Seuss book. After how much I disliked The Cat in the Hat film I was petrified by the idea of someone ruining The Lorax for me. But as it just so happens,  I loved the movie. It was sweet and fun and left me with the warm and fuzzies. And I loved the soundtrack, it is a major earworm soundtrack for me.

The Grinch by Dr Seuss: Watching The Grinch is a Christmas tradition in my house. I absolutely adore this movie. I thought it was amazing. The acting was great, the music was delightful and overall the movie for me was just magical.

The Stand by Stephen King: I can’t be sure because I have it on DVD but I think The Stand was originally a 2 part television movie. Not sure if that makes it TV or film but either way it was awesome. As a huge Stephen King fan and having seen a few of his books adapted I wasn’t surprised that I loved The Stand. It was twisted, eerie and freaky. And I love it. I can’t really think of a bad Stephen King adaptation but this is definitely one of my all time favourites. The casting was fantastic, the acting was superb and it really did this marvellous book justice.

IT by Stephen King: I couldn’t make this list without including IT. I love/hate this movie. It is brilliant, scary and still freaks me out to this day. I’m fairly certain Pennywise is the reason I hate clowns. This might actually been the only instance where the movie surpassed the book. IT is an absolute masterpiece.

The Water Diviner by Andrew Anastasios and Dr Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios: I know this film was only loosely based on the book but it was just such a great movie I couldn’t omit it from this list. The filming and casting in this movie was fantastic. Even though it was a loose adaptation it kept to the feel of the book. The love, loss and the parental hope were expertly captured. A must read book and a must see movie.

Band Of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose: This is the only TV series that made the list, but I couldn’t leave it off. I loved every second of this series. It was beautifully made. Heartbreaking to watch at times, it was perfectly adapted. I actually think that making this into a TV series was a better option for this book, if it had been a movie I don’t think it would have allowed enough time to do the book justice.

Les Miserable by Victor Hugo: I know a lot of people have issues with this movie but I am not one of them. I loved this movie. I understand that the movie is based on the stage show and not the book directly, but since the stage show is based on the book I don’t really see the difference. I though this film was fantastic. The struggle, the heartbreak and the visual scope of this movie was wonderful. Loved Loved Loved this film.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett: In this instance I am talking about the 1995 film. While I do love the 1939 version of this movie my heart belongs to the one I grew up watching as a child. As a kid I loved the book and the film, I didn’t really compare the two back then. Comparing them now as an adult I think the film makers did a great job, it was almost perfect. The only thing I didn’t love, looking at this film now as an adult was the change in ending. I understand why the film makers made this choice, I just wonder if it would have been better to keep it the same as the book.

The Outsiders by S.E Hinton: One of my all time favourite books became one of my all time favourite movies. I loved this film. It was perfect. The filmmakers did a marvellous job with this film. The casting was great, the acting was great and the heart and soul of the book was felt throughout the film. A great example on how to make book to film adaptations work.

Room by Emma Donoghue: I loved this movie. I was really concerned when I heard that this amazing book was becoming a movie. I really didn’t know it this beautiful story was going to translate to film. Well im very glad I was wrong. The filmmakers did a fantastic job with the casting of this film. Considering almost the entire movie is only two actors in a very small space, this film could have easily fallen flat, but the actors were so good you became fully engaged in the story right from the start. Keeping the heart and soul of this book at the forefront, while telling this incredibly confronting story is a credit to the filmmakers.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand: If im being honest I only read this book because of the movie. Living in Australia it was big new when Angelina Jolie came out here to make this movie. With all the hype surrounding it I decided to pick up a copy of the book. Thank goodness I did. It was a fantastic book. After reading the book I couldn’t wait to see the film. The film was so good, after watching it I had to read the book again. The film captured everything I loved about the book perfectly. It was raw and emotional and I couldn’t believe how true the film stayed to the book. Another great example on how to adapt a book to film.

The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer: Talk about amazing adaptations. I can’t fault The Normal Heart. As the film was based on a play, the theatrical feeling of the film gave it an extra sense of emotion and urgency. The love, life and loss made for a heartbreaking movie and the casting was fantastic. As I said I can’t fault this movie.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett: I really enjoyed this movie. It walked the line between drama and humour perfectly. With such a demoralising subject matter the filmmakers did a great job in keeping with the books comedic timings making it a great cinematic experience. The strong female cast did a great job in bringing their characters to life on the screen. Another great example of wonderful book to film adaptation.

Schindler’s Ark (List) by Thomas Keneally: This movie breaks my heart every time I watch it. In all honesty seeing this movie is what lend me to reading the book. I don’t think I have ever seen a film and been so overwhelmed. This heartbreakingly brutal movie is what sparked my interest in world war 2. One of the greatest films and greatest book adaptations I have ever seen.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak: I love this book and this movie. I don’t think the filmmakers could have done a better job. It captured the books haunting feel, it innocence and its honesty. The casting of this film was absolutely superb. This film is a Masterclass in book to film adaptation.

Well that’s it from me. Let me know if any of your favourites made this list or if not, what your favourite book to film adaptation is.

Happy Reading

❤ Gem


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