The Land Of Stories: Beyond The Kingdoms by Chris Colfer 

Book 4 in The Land Of Stories series.

With the dangerous Masked Man on the loose and Alex exiled from the Fairy Council, the twins must bring together their rag-tag group of friends to search for and stop Masked Man. After discovering the Masked Man has a powerful potion that can turn any book into a magic portal, Alex, Conner and Co are in a race against time to stop him from recruiting an army of villains from different worlds. As the group travel through Oz, Neverland and Wonderland, they seem to always be one step behind. Can Alex and Conner stop the Masked Man before its to late?

I Love Love Loved this book.

Chris Colfer has weaved his magic one again. The Land Of Stories: Beyond The Kingdoms is his best offering yet. Combining The Land Of Stories world and characters he has created in his pervious books with the classic worlds of Oz, Neverland and Wonderland is an absolute masterstroke.

I loved seeing a different side to some of the character throughout this book; Alex;s instability, Conner’s brotherly concern and Jack and Goldie’s love and understanding bring a really emotional core to this book.

Getting to see Peter Pan, The Queen of Hearts and the Wicked Witch of the West appear in this book made for such and amazing reading experience.

I am truly blown away by Chris Colfer’s ability to create such amazing stories and characters. I could only dream of being this creative.

I cant wait to see where he takes us next.

The Land Of Stories: Beyond The Kingdoms is beyond brilliant.


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