Seven Deadly Sins…

Today I am going to explore the 7 deadly sins. Once again this post is pretty self-explanatory so  I’m just gonna jump right in…

Greed: Most Expensive book and least expensive book I own? I own the complete collection of the Brother’s Grimm fairy tales in a beautiful bound edition, that s by far the most expensive book I own. As for the least expensive, I have a lot of books I reviewed as review copies, free of charge so they would be the least expensive. Off the top of my head I will go with Hunter by Meagan Spooner.

Gluttony: Book I have shamelessly devoured many times? Well this was an easy one for me, Harry Potter. If I had to pick just one book from the series I would probably pick The prisoner of Azkaban.

Wrath: Author I have a love/hate relationship with? After much deliberation I have thought of two Authors. S.E. Hinton and John Steinbeck. These two Author’s wrote some of my favourite books and as well as some of my least favourite books.

Sloth: Book or series I have neglected out of laziness? This unfortunately is also a pretty easy one, The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I have to first book and have been meaning to get into this series I just havent had to energy to start a new series.

Pride: Book I bring up when I want to sound like an intellectual reader? Well I usually bring up some sort of classic. My go to is Les Miserable by Victor Hugo.

Lust: Attractive attributes in a male character? Strong, Loyal, Protective, Kind, Open Minded. Characters like Remus Lupin, Dimitri Belikov and Jasper Hale.

Envy: Book or series I would love to receive as a gift? I love Harry Potter, so any of the box sets of the Harry Potter series would be an awesome gift for me.

Well that’s it from me. Let me know your 7 deadly sins.

Happy Reading

❤ Gem

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