How To Read 100 Books A Year…

Is It Possible To Read 100 Books When You’re Insanely Busy?

The answer is yes.

Everything is possible as long as you set your mind to it.
If you love reading books but you have hundred of things to do (and there’s that Netflix show that has been seducing you to forget your books), it may seem unachievable to read a hundred or even your newly bought books this year. 
But you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything just to read books. You can work around this. So go watch that Netflix show you’ve been dying to see and afterwards read your books.
The good thing about books is that they don’t need batteries. You can read anywhere and that’s your head start.

Actually, here’s one of my favorite infographics on books written and made by Darius Foroux and Visme that you may also find useful. Darius listed here the 5 ultimate hacks to reading 100 books this year. 


thumbnail_How To Read 100 Books A Year Infographic

It may be already July but it’s still possible to achieve this, right? 🙂

Happy Reading…

❤ Gem


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