Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

‘On the highest rock of a tiny island at the edge of the world stands a lighthouse. From dusk to dawn, the lighthouse beams, sending its light out to sea, guiding the ships on their way. As the seasons pass and the waves rise and fall, outside, the wind blows; inside, the lighthouse keeper writes, and the rhythms of his life unfold. But change is on the horizon…’

This book was absolutly beautiful.

I honestly can’t get over how beautiful this book is. The story and the illustrations both by Sophie Blackall, were equally amazing.

Caldecott Medal Winner Sophie Blackall has done a wonderful job with this book. The writing has a real lyrical quality to it and was perfectly complimented by the gorgeous illustrations.

This wonderful story tells a tale of hope, love, wonder and changing times, that will be adored by young readers and their families.

It is books like these that make me wish I had a child to share it with. Luckily for me I have quite a few young readers in my extended circle that will be getting a copy of this wonderful book.

I loved this book more than any other children’s book I have read in recent times. The story itself was heartwarming and educational and the illustrations were just divine.

I will be genuinely surprised if a more stunning book is published this year.

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall is a must have for all young readers and their families.


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